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Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix
$2.50 - $50.00
Skratch Labs’ Exercise Hydration Mix has everything you need and nothing you don’t. To replenish the sodium lost in sweat and keep you hydrated, Skratch uses sodium citrate—an easy-on-the-stomach, high-quality salt. The mix has just the right blend of carbohydrates and salt to keep your fluids in balance and minimize the time it takes your body to hydrate. By quickly replacing the lost salt, you keep your nervous system signaling properly and your muscles firing in sync to produce power with optimal efficiency. Plus, Skratch uses only real fruit and natural ingredients to create a delicious yet mild flavor.
Louis Garneau LG1 Maple Sports Drink
$19.99 - $194.99
Maple sugar is a naturally occurring sugar with a glucose-to-fructose ratio that's ideal for carbohydrate absorption. And now, Garneau's great-tasting LG1 Maple Sports Drink combines 100%-natural maple sugar with natural sugars from fruit to keep you fueled and hydrated racing and working out. Featuring a light taste that encourages hydration during all weather conditions, this powdered performance beverage also includes concentrated minerals, vitamin C, and beneficial antioxidant compounds naturally found in maple sugar. Everything adds up to create a delicious, 100%-natural, gluten-free mix that helps sustain even intense, prolonged efforts, maintains proper fluid levels, reduces muscle soreness, and improves recovery.
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