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For Service and Repair

Need a tune up, wheels trued, gears or brakes adjusted? How about having a more comfortable seat installed or more upright handlebars with more comfortable grips? Want your new fenders or speedometer installed correctly?  For 46 years we have been precisely tuning and servicing all makes and styles of bicycles.  We have 10 workstands operating at all times with mechanics who take pride in making your bike run at its peak. Our knowledge and experience and our state of the art workshop mean that Bikeland is able to do the job properly and then we back it up with a "no time limit" warranty. Whether it's a simple flat tire fix or a precise frame alignment, custom wheel build, or suspension service, we have the technologies and the know how to give you confidence that your bike is mechanically at its best.

Tune Ups: Pick from our Menu to find your best option.

"A la Carte":  Choose the specific service needed to get you going again.

Tire or tube replaced:  Wheel only:  $8.00, On bike:  $10.00

Gears adjusted:  $15.00

Derailleur Hanger aligned:  $10.00

Brakes adjusted:  $15.00

Cable install:  $5.00

Chain install:  $8.00

Complete Bike Wash:  $20.00

Call 705-726-7372 for more.

"Breakfast":   $109.95  Wash entire bike, adjust gears and brakes, true wheels, check all bearing adjustments, inspect and inflate tires, check entire bike for tightness and safety, degrease and re-lube drivetrain. Parts extra. We will happily quote.

"Dinner":  $139.95  All of the Breakfast tune up PLUS:  Labour is included on tire, tube, chain, needed cable and brake shoe installation as well as any accessories purchased.

"All U Can Eat":  $249.95  All of the Dinner tune up PLUS:  Labour included on hand polishing the frame, overhauling the hubs, headset, and bottom bracket as well as installation of all new cables and handlebar tape.    

 More detailed labour rates supplied upon request.  Estimates are always free.  Drop your bike off, phone for an appointment or have us do pickup ($25.00) and delivery ($25.00).  Call 705-726-7372